About us

It’s where success starts

EPG Seeds started investing in plant breeding and introducing new crop genetics to Australian farmers in 2004, as an Elders business. The expansion of the business in 2021 is giving more farmers access to the very best in seed genetics.

Our aim is to improve productivity and profitability in Australian agriculture through the development of new seed varieties.

High Yielding. High Quality.

EPG Seeds’ varieties are developed with grower feedback and extensively trialled and tested to perform under local conditions. The result is a portfolio of high yielding, high quality lines with improved resistance to pests and diseases.

Growing innovation

We are working extensively with Australian universities, research agencies and both private and government breeding organisations to find innovative solutions to the needs of farmers.

We also have ongoing relationships with breeders in Canada, New Zealand and the UK.


We’re proud to offer Australian farmers some of the very best performing plant genetics available today, with the promise of more to come.

See our range or consult your local agronomist to see which variety is best for you.

To learn more about our full range of crop and forage varieties please contact EPG Seeds today.

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