Chariot lucerne

This semi-winter active lucerne offers exceptional forage quality, versatility across semi dormant regions.


Chariot is a semi-winter active type that offers exceptional forage quality, versatility and flexibility
within your production system in semi dormant regions. Chariot has quick regrowth from cutting/
grazing and excellent stand persistence. Suited to grazing, high quality hay and silage production and
can be included in pasture mixes due to its low crown height.

Key features

  • Semi-winter active dormancy 5
  • Strong pest and disease resistance
  • Excellent seedling vigour for strong stand establishment
  • Strong leaf hold
  • Excellent persistence
  • Wide cutting window
  • High stem to leaf ratio
  • High yielding

Agronomic characteristcs

Chariot has been selected from elite USA breeding populations for persistence, vigour and freedom from leaf disease.

Winter dormancy 5.0
Stand persistence Excellent
Early seedling vigour Excellent
Growth habit Low crown height
Recovery after cutting Fast
Fineness of stem (Spring) Fine
Fineness of stem (Late summer) Fine
Leaf retention Excellent
Cutting window 30 – 35 days

Disease and pest resistance

Spotted Alfalfa Aphid (SAA) HR
Blue Green Aphid (BGA) HR
Pea Aphid HR
Phytophthora Root Rot (PRR) HR
Anthracnose (Anth) HR
Bacterial Wilt HR
Fusarium Wilt HR
Stem Nematode HR
Root Knot Nematode HR
Susceptible (S); Moderately Susceptible (MS); Moderately Resistant (MR); Resistant (R); Highly Resistant (HR)


Lucerne agronomic information

Pasture type and use

Chariot is a medium term lucerne variety (5 – 7 years) offering year-round production, predominantly in the spring/summer but with varying levels of winter production. In many cases good grazing/hay cutting management will lead to longer stand life 6+ years.

Soil types

Deep, well-drained soils (sands to moderately heavy clays) is required with a slightly acid to alkaline pH (CaCl2) 5.0-7.5. Lucerne is intolerant of high levels of exchangeable aluminium and even short periods of waterlogging.

Suggested sowing rates

Dryland hay or grazing: 4 – 8kg/ha
High rainfall/ Irrigation: 9 – 20 kg/ha
Irrigated hay production: 25 – 35kg/ha


Rain grown stands: (southern & WA): 250 – 800 mm per annum
Sub-tropics: 500 – 1200 mm per annum


Chariot is inoculated with Group AL rhizobia with Apron XL fungicide applied for Damping off diseases and Poncho for insect pest control to allow successful establishment.

Seed availability

Chariot lucerne is available through all national rural resellers.

See our find a stockist page and use the interactive map to find your local outlet.


This information sheet should not be used as a replacement for expert advice or judgement. Conditions for Sale and Restrictions on Use are listed on the bag and should be referred to. All liability is excluded to the full extent permitted by law. Information source: Pastures Australia