Graza 85 forage oats (PBR)

Graza 85 is a long season oat variety that will continue to produce long after others have gone to seed.

Suitable for most soil types, Graza 85 benefits from excellent early vigour and fast recovery post grazing, cutting for hay/ silage.

A low growing point provides high feed performance during the cooler months right through from autumn to early summer.

Graze lightly and often to promote high tillering and increased dry matter production. Always ensure that plants are not grazed below first node to avoid prolonging the regrowth period.

Graza 85 is a long maturity variety. It is quicker than most varieties to first grazing.

Key features

  • Dual purpose, high quality grazing and hay
  • High dry matter production
  • Highly palatable, suited to most soil types
  • Rapid establishment to first stage
  • Ideal variety for dryland systems with rainfall from 400mm
  • High dry production matter.
  • Low growing point providing high feed performance from autumn through to early summer
  • Excellent early vigour and fast recovery after cutting for hay, silage or grazing
  • High tillering oat with soft, broad leaves and provides maximum forage dry matter after first grazing or cutting
  • Also suited to production under full irrigation.

Seed availability

Graza 85 forage oats is available through all national rural resellers.

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This variety is registered under Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) in Australia. Information provided here is a guide only.
Results can vary greatly depending on climate, soil and local circumstances. This information sheet should not be used as a replacement for expert advice or judgement.
Conditions for Sale and Restrictions on Use are listed on the bag and should be referred to. All liability is excluded to the full extent permitted by law.