Scavenger soil ameliorant

Scavenger is a plant based green manure soil ameliorant to support healthy crops and soils.

Scavenger is best used as a green manure soil health enhancer to increase beneficial microbial and fungi activity whilst increasing nutrient cycling to promote healthier crops in vegetable and cotton systems.

Scavenger has been bred using advanced conventional breeding technology and is not a GMO. This product provides a systems approach to soil health complementing an Integrated Pest Management program.

Key features

  • Produces compounds to assist with enhancement of crop productivity and healthy soils
  • Fast de-composition due to structure of plant
  • Scavenger hosts and promotes VAM and increases microbial and beneficial fungi activity
  • Assists with nutrient cycling efficiency and uptake of macro nutrients in following crop
  • Can be used as a living mulch in companion to some crops
  • Supports IPM system in horticultural and cotton


By adopting a biological approach to remediate and revive soils, Scavenger provides a sustainable option towards achieving crop production and yield security through decreasing soil pathogens and building healthy soils.

For best results cut when crop reaches 1.5 metres high with a mulcher mower. This mulching process ensures rapid breakdown of biomass material.

For best performance from Scavenger we recommend that you allow sufficient time post incorporation for organic material breakdown and enzyme transfer. This timeframe can vary depending on temperature, soil type and other environmental impacts.

Fine chopping and incorporation into the soil is the most important aspect to achieve best results. For very short rotation turnarounds we recommend the addition of a stubble decomposer product called Digester. The use of Digester will ensure reliable and rapid breakdown of material and support beneficial bacteria and fungi development while providing additional nutrients to the soil. This also lessens the risk of some harmful pathogens developing that present a risk to crops.

It is important to plant Scavenger into warm soils around 16 degrees C for best establishment. Planting into soils below this temperature can impact on establishment, vigour and overall performance of the variety.

Suggested sowing rates

Horticulture full irrigation 15 kg/ha
Partial Irrigation 6 -10 kg/ha

Seed availability

Scavenger is available through all national rural resellers.

See our find a stockist page and use the interactive map to find your local outlet.

Information provided here is a guide only. Results can vary greatly depending on climate, soil and local circumstances.
This information sheet should not be used as a replacement for expert advice or judgement. Conditions for Sale and Restrictions on Use are listed on the bag and should be referred to. All liability is excluded to the full extent permitted by law.