Sile King forage sorghum


Sile King is a medium to late maturing grain silage hybrid suitable for high quality, high yielding pit/bunker silage in dairy and beef production systems.

Selected for its high grain to stover ratio, Sile King is a great option for intensive livestock producers seeking an alternative to maize. It has high first cut yield potential, plus grain content. It is very palatable, and has excellent nutritional value, good protein levels and metabolisable energy, giving excellent overall digestibility.



Key Features

  • Grain bearing forage sorghum
  • Pit silage specialist
  • Tall leafy feed with potential for high dry matter yields
  • Good recovery after cutting and grazing
  • Produces high energy (ME) silage
  • Displays good tolerance in dry conditions


  • Displays good leaf disease resistance
  • Excellent palatability
  • Sweet leafy feed to support high daily live weights in beef cattle
  • Wide cutting window


Under good management this hybrid is an excellent supplementary feed source for dairy and beef herds. Sile King has the ability to grow well in hotter environments, and is an excellent option for irrigated and high yield environment planting.

Agronomy, Disease Resistance and Tolerance

Sile King has displayed good disease resistance. As with all forage sorghum, feed testing is recommended prior to feeding livestock to measure prussic acid and nitrate levels especially in early growth grazing or in stressed conditions. For more information on feed management of forage sorghum, such as the use of supplement blocks, refer to your local agronomist or state government primary producer websites.

Seed Availability

Sile King forage sorghum is available through all national rural resellers.

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